Album & Poster Designs

Orange Flavored Orphans was a fun and energetic ska band from Albany, New York. I worked with them to create their album art as well as promotional flyers for some of their shows. The visual style they wanted was something light and fun but also tongue-and-cheek, which is a pretty good parallel with their music. They requested a cartoon orange mascot, wearing a monocle, top hat, and smoking a cigar.

Uniting fresh design and clean code
to create beautiful websites.

There are two things that drive me in life: creating something valuable and learning new things. This is why as an 11-year-old, I taught myself HTML and made my first website. I eventually started my career as a graphic designer and I disovered that I love creating visual solutions to my client's problems.

I help my clients succeed through design work that stand outs, while still being clean and functional.

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